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One of the few remaining moderate Democrats in the House is retiring from Congress at 43. She says there is no middle ground anymore, and the party is under the control of radicals with the leadership trying to “beat moderates into submission.” She was also being opposed by several Democrat interest groups for supporting law and order and legal immigration.

It’s a cautionary tale for those who dislike the far-left lurch of the national Democratic Party but think their local Democratic Representative is different. That might be true, but once they get to Washington and are put under tremendous pressure by the Party leaders, you’ll find that almost every radical left bill passes on a party line vote. If you don’t want your Representative to be on the left side of that line, there’s only one way to make sure they’re not subject to pressure from the Democratic leaders, and that’s to elect a Republican.

RIP Congressman Don Young

March 20, 2022

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Don Young was my dear friend. We were introduced by Congressman Jay Dickey when I was early in my term as Governor and Don’s passion for sound and responsible infrastructure was similar to mine. We both believed that one of the true legitimate functions of government was to build roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and vital transportation systems. Few who ever served in Congress were as knowledgeable about infrastructure as Don. We also shared a passion for the outdoors and hunting. Don came to Arkansas to duck hunt with me on several occasions. He was an amazing shooter, but I think what he loved most was the time we went on a riverboat tour of the Arkansas River. The old “riverboat captain” version of Don Young (his early life vocation) came alive, and he drove the massive sand retrieval craft along the river and the smile on his face is something I’ll never forget. I loved Don. He was brutally honest, but was a man who loved life, loved Alaska, loved Congress, but never lost being that salty old river boat captain who loved to hunt and fish. What a character! We talked on the phone every few months—rarely about politics. Just a conversation of two old friends who thought politics was important, but friendship and the thrill of being in the woods or on the water made life better!

Read More - The Democrats' New Election Strategy: Blame Republicans

With polls showing that the Democrats have about as much chance of surviving the next election as General Custer did at Little Big Horn, the Dems are desperate for any argument for reelecting them. So they’ve hit on this stunner: the Republicans are to blame for not solving the problems the Democrats have caused. I kid you not.

Last week at a Senate Democrat press briefing, Sen. Debbie Stabenow said of the current rampaging inflation, “Republicans have done nothing to lower costs, they have proposed nothing to lower costs."

Well, Deb, since they don’t control the Congress and White House, as your party does, there’s not a lot they CAN do. They did vote with Joe Manchin to stop you from printing another couple of trillion dollars to devalue the currency even more, but you didn't even thank them.

The truth is, the Republicans don’t have to offer a detailed 32-point plan for dealing with all the problems currently plaguing America. We know how to solve them: just go back to what we were doing before the Democrats took over and destroyed everything. Drill for oil and gas, hire cops, put criminals in jail, secure the border, stop spending money we don’t have to pay people not to work, etc. etc. etc. To quote the old gag, “It ain’t rocket surgery.” It's just common sense, but Democrats have declared war on that.

This strategy reminds me of a story by the great humorist James Thurber, about his headstrong Aunt Florence. She thought she could do everything on her farm better than anyone else. So when her newfangled cream separator needed fixing, instead of calling a repairman, she ordered the farmhands to stand aside and she’d do it herself. Several hours later, it was hopelessly dismantled with parts strewn all over the barn floor. She finally yelled in frustration, “Why doesn’t somebody take this g****m thing away from me?!”

Well, the Democrats are now Thurber’s Aunt Florence. They insisted they knew how to run everything better than anyone else. They were given a chance to do that, and in their ignorance and arrogance, they dismantled and destroyed systems that had worked for generations before they got their hands on them. Now, they’re trying to blame it on the people who failed to stop them.

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RIP Jim Hagedorn

February 21, 2022

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I’m sad to have to report that Minnesota Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn has died at 59. No cause of death was revealed. He tested positive for COVID-19 last month, but he’d also revealed a recurrence of kidney cancer last July.

His wife, Jennifer Carnahan, released a statement reading, "Jim loved our country and loved representing the people of southern Minnesota. Every moment of every day he lived his dream by serving others. There was no stronger conservative in our state than my husband; and it showed in how he voted, led and fought for our country."

All of us here at Huck PAC extend our sympathies and prayers to Jennifer and to Jim’s family. We endorsed Congressman Hagedorn in 2020 and would have done so again in 2022. He will be missed.

Read More - Huck PAC invests in Arkansas, Georgia, and Nebraska Republicans

Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life, Arkansas, Georgia and Nebraska Republicans:

Whitney Pimentel State House (GA-30) $3,000.00 

Jeff Fortenberry U.S. Congress (NE-1) $5,000.00 

Don Bacon U.S. Congress (NE-2) $5,000.00 

Adrian Smith U.S. Congress (NE-3) $5,000.00 

Tim Ryals Sheriff Faulkner AR $2,900.00 

Total: $20,900

These new endorsements/contributions bring our total investment in Arkansas to $79,700 AND $3,00 in Georgia and $15,000 in Nebraska.

Nationally, the PAC has given $753,700 to 98 candidates in 2021-22. 

Read More - Counting the days until a Pro-Life, Republican Speaker...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi loves to lecture us all about our carbon footprint and how we’re destroying the Earth and causing climate change with our selfish, CO2-creating ways. But according to FEC campaign filings, between October 2020 and December 2021, Pelosi spent over $500,000 on private jets.

This was during a time when she led a 21-member congressional delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland (which I bet could’ve been conducted over Zoom.) While there, she piously said of the climate “crisis,” "For me, it's a religious thing…I believe this is God's creation, and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards."

I believe that, too, which is one reason why I travel on commercial airliners that create far less pollution than private jets. Also, I don’t have big piles of money to waste from campaign donors, taxpayers and suspiciously lucky stock investments.

I should also point out that Speaker Pelosi claims to be a good Catholic while fighting any efforts to limit abortion, so her concept of a “religious thing” is likely a lot fuzzier than mine.

Read More - Huck PAC invests in Indiana and Ohio Republicans

Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life, Indiana and Ohio Republicans:

Indiana U.S. House Jackie Walorski (IN-02) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Jim Banks (IN-03) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Jim Baird (IN-04) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Victoria Spartz (IN-05) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Greg Pence (IN-06) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Larry Bucshon (IN-08) $5,000

Indiana U.S. House Trey Hollingsworth (IN-09) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Steve Chabot (OH-01) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Brad Wenstrup (OH-02) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Jim Jordan (OH-04) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Robert Latta (OH-05) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Bill Johnson (OH-06) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Bob Gibbs (OH-07) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Warren Davidson (OH-08) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Michael Turner (OH-10) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Troy Balderson (OH-12) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House David Joyce (OH-14) $5,000

Ohio U.S. House Mike Carey (OH-15) $5,000

Total: $90,000

These new endorsements/contributions bring our total investment in Indiana to $40,000 AND $55,000 in Ohio.

Nationally, the PAC has given $732,800 to 93 candidates in 2021-22. 

What We Stand For

January 26, 2022

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During President Biden’s disturbing and rambling press conference last Wednesday, he claimed that Republicans couldn’t even tell people what they stand for. Which is weird, considering I put out a daily newsletter that makes that pretty clear.

In fact, he could just look back to the policies that prevailed in 2019 – securing our borders, pro-economic growth, cutting onerous government regulations, encouraging energy independence, guarding freedom of speech and religion and other Constitutional rights, defending the sanctity of life, enforcing laws, projecting strength to the world instead of weakness, supporting the military, and making foreign policy decisions and trade deals that are in the best interests of Americans – and just say, “We stand for all that. You know, all the stuff you immediately started reversing on your first day in office.”

That seems clear enough, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also told Biden what the Party stands for, and more importantly, what it and the American people won’t stand for, and that’s trying to force a Bernie Sanders-style socialist agenda down the nation’s throat with a tie Senate and a tiny House majority.

Since its founding in 2008, Huck PAC has supported Republican candidates from State Houses to the White House, and in 2022 we will continue to do the same! Thank you as always for your support.

WANT TO HELP? We have given $642,800 dollars given directly to 75 candidates. DONATE $5 HERE to keep it going.
Read More - What winning looks like in Virginia

A tectonic shift is occurring in Virginia politics, and liberals who have been taking that great state down for years are screaming in outrage and panic as the ground moves beneath their feet. This month, three Republicans were inaugurated into the top statewide offices, and all three quickly signaled that they were serious about keeping their promises to voters.

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears spoke out forcefully and persuasively against the politics of racial division. Attorney General Jason Miyares fired 30 AG staffers and said, “There’s a new sheriff in town,” and he would be prosecuting criminals that his far-left predecessors had let slide while they made Virginians less safe and less secure. And new Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued executive orders ending Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in public schools.

Some schools are trying to defy his mask order, and a group of parents filed a lawsuit. But Miyares has asked the state Supreme Court to dismiss it, arguing that the Governor has full power to make that order and citing a state law that says parents, not education system bureaucrats, have a “fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.”

It’s ironic that parents are suing to block the assertion of parental rights. If those parents want their kids to wear masks, and they believe they work and do more good than harm, then they can tell their kids to wear masks, and they will be “protected.” Other parents may decide otherwise, if they choose. If the plaintiffs are hostile to the concept of parental rights, then think of it as “respecting diversity.”

All this activity in Virginia inspired a must-read article by Kurt Schlichter at on how first Trump and now Youngkin are showing Republicans how to win.

Here’s how you don’t win: by promising conservative principles, then turning liberal the minute you’re in office and worrying about what Twitter or the Washington Post might say about you. You also don’t win by protecting only your donors or the country club elite set. You do it by listening to what the people care about, promising action on those issues, and once you’re elected, actually keeping your promises, no matter how much leftists howl about it. They denounce this as "populism," as if paying attention to the concerns of the people was reprehensible.

I covered a lot of the same territory in my book “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” about how out-of-touch with most Americans our media and political elites were. That was published before Trump ever came down that escalator and got into politics, but the people it was warning didn’t listen. Now, with leftist policies exposed as the crushing failures they are, there are more and more Republicans winning office by actually listening to the people.

The left may have managed to defeat Trump, but very few people trust their media propaganda outlets anymore, and they can’t throw a pandemic or a Deep State frame-up at every rising Republican.

Huck PAC endorsed Glenn Youngkin for Governor in 2021 and contributed $50,000 to his campaign.  In 2022, you can expect Huck PAC to continue to financially support Virginia Republicans and their efforts to expand upon this victory.

Read More - 2022: Right Track or Wrong Track?

Here’s why I suspect the Democrats are panicking that the public isn’t joining in their overblown January 6th hysteria. Without it, here’s what they’re facing in this election year:

According to a new poll by The Economist and YouGov, only 23% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction, while 62% think it’s going in the wrong direction. The most optimistic group are black Americans; still, only 38% think we’re on the right track. That’s compared to 22% of Hispanics, 33% of white male college graduates and 22% of white female college grads. Among white non-college grads, only 17% think we’re headed in the right direction. And 90% of Trump voters think we’re headed in the wrong direction (who are the other 10%?!)

In addition, even 96% of Biden voters think jobs and the economy are very or somewhat important issues (they rank them third after climate change and health care.) But only 22% of Americans think the current state of the economy is good or excellent. Forty percent say it’s “poor.”

The article at says this poll shows that President Biden should adopt a New Year’s resolution to completely change his policies, and fast. Sadly, I doubt that will happen. I expect the left to double down on stupid as they sense their brief window of ultimate power will soon be slipping out of their fingers. For Biden to heed this advice, someone in the White House would have to read a site named after Reason. I just don’t see that.