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Huck PAC continues to invest in Republicans

$5,000 Marlin Stutzman for U.S. House (IN-3)

$5,000 Mark Messmer for U.S. House (IN-8) 

$5,000 Jodey Arrington for U.S. House (TX-19) 

$5,000 Carol Miller for U.S. House (WV-01)  

$5,000 Riley Moore for U.S. House (WV-02) 

$5,000 Jim Justice for U.S. Senate (WV) 

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Full Huck PAC Endorsement list: Endorsements 2024

$5,000 Vince Fong for U.S. House (CA-20)

$5,000 Buddy Carter for U.S. House (GA-1)

$5,000 Rich McCormick for U.S. House (GA-7)

$5,000 Austin Scott for U.S. House (GA-8)

$5,000 Andrew Clyde for U.S. House (GA-9)

$5,000 Mike Collins for U.S. House (GA-10)

$5,000 Barry Loudermilk for U.S. House (GA-11)

$5,000 Rick Allen for U.S. House (GA-12)

$5,000 Mike Simpson for U.S. House (ID-2)

$5,000 Cliff Bentz for U.S. House (OR-2)

$5,000 Joanna Harbour for U.S. (OR-3)

$5,000 Russ Fulcher for U.S. House (ID-1)

$5,000 James Comer for U.S. House (KY-1)

$5,000 Brett Guthrie for U.S. House (KY-2)

$5,000 Hal Rogers for U.S. House (KY-5)

$5,000 Andy Barr for U.S. House (KY-6)

$5,000 Brad Knott for U.S. House (NC-13)

$5,000 Neil Parrott for U.S. House (MD-6)

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Today, Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life Republicans:
Nathaniel Moran for U.S. House (TX-1) $5,000
Keith Self for U.S. House (TX-3) $5,000
Pat Fallon for U.S. House (TX-4) $5,000
Lance Gooden for U.S. House (TX-5) $5,000
Jake Ellzey for U.S. House (TX-6) $5,000
Greg Murphy for U.S. House (NC-3) $5,000
Virginia Foxx for U.S. House (NC-5) $5,000
David Rouzer for U.S. House (NC-7) $5,000
Richard Hudson for U.S. House (NC-9) $5,000
Chuck Edwards for U.S. House (NC-11) $5,000
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Today, Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life Republicans:

$5,000 Nicole Malliotakis for U.S. House (NY-11)

$5,000 Elise Stefanik for U.S. House (NY-21)

$5,000 Beth Van Duyne for U.S. House (TX-24)

$5,000 August Pfluger for U.S. House (TX-11)

$5,000 Dan Crenshaw for U.S. House (TX-2)

$5,000 Rick Crawford for U.S. House (AR-1)

$5,000 French Hill for U.S. House (AR-2)

$5,000 Steve Womack for U.S. House (AR-3)

$5,000 Bruce Westerman for U.S. House (AR-4)

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Today, Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life Republicans:

$5,000 John Duarte for Congress (CA-13)  

$5,000  David Valadao for Congress (CA-22)

$5,000 Mike Lawler for Congress (NY-17)  

$5,000 Brandon Williams for Congress (NY-22)

$5,000 Lori Chavez-DeRemer for Congress (OR-5)

$5,000 Juan Ciscomani for Congress (AZ-6)

$5,000 John James for Congress (MI-10)

$5,000 Zach Nunn for Congress (IA-3)

$5,000 Ken Calvert for Congress (CA-41)

$5,000 Michelle Steel for Congress (CA-45)

$5,000 Jen Kiggans for Congress (VA-2)

$5,000 David Schweikert for Congress (AZ-1)

$5,000 Gary Palmer for Congress (AL-6)

$5,000 Doug LaMalfa for Congress (CA-1)

$5,000 Yvette Herrell for Congress (NM-2)

$5,000 Nancy Mace for Congress (SC-1)

$5,000 Andy Ogles for Congress (TN-5)

$5,000 Glenn Grothman for Congress (WI-6)

$5,000 Mike Gallagher for Congress (WI-8)

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Our Endorsement Record

January 12, 2023

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I founded Huck PAC to promote conservative principles.

In 2020, Huck PAC contributed $2,477,280 to 529 candidates. 400 Huck PAC-endorsed candidates won their races and 129 lost.  

In 2022, Huck PAC contributed $3,521,624 to 487 candidates and conservative causes. 348 Huck PAC-endorsed candidates won their races.

Our candidates are committed to keeping our government’s promises to our veterans, seniors and hard-working Americans.  We support less government, more liberty, tax reform, secure borders and we are pro-Life.

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Midterm elections are tomorrow.  Maybe you early voted like my wife, and I did. If so, it’s too late to change your vote…unless of course you live in one of those states where you can just let a dead person vote for you again.  But for most of us, we know we only get one ride and once we use our ticket, we’re done.  There are a lot of factors that might influence your vote and I realize that your focus might be different than mine, but here’s how I decide to vote, and it isn’t straight party voting even though I am indeed a Republican.

Above all, I will not support or vote for a candidate who believes that it’s okay to kill an unborn baby for any reason, at any time.  I personally am deeply committed to the science of life that holds that a human life begins at conception and is loved by and purposed by God and we should protect life until natural death.  I know there are some people who hold to certain exceptions, but I simply don’t think any person is worthless, expendable, disposable, or of less value than another.  Even a pregnancy that may have started by an evil act can be used by God for an eternal purpose.  As Joseph told his brothers, “What you intended for harm God has used for good.” 

It's nice to support candidates who agree with my views on border security, taxes, support for the police, and energy policy, but the deal breaker for me is that I will not support a person who thinks it’s okay to kill babies.  My political action committee Huck PAC will give over $4 million dollars to candidates across America this election cycle and every one of them has to declare being pro-life.  I simply don’t know how I can pray for God to bless America if I’m helping elect people who would be part of infanticide.  It’s especially troubling that while black people make up 13% of the population, over 39% of all abortions are performed on black babies.  More black babies are aborted in New York City than are even born.  Targeting black children for death is the most blatant form of racism and I don’t know why any black voter would vote for a politician who would support targeting of black babies for slaughter. 

If you’re a Christian and are troubled by voting for someone who personal life is less than stellar or is even scandalous, I understand your struggle.  But some doctors have horrible bedside manner but are great surgeons.  If the operation is to save the life of my family member, I want the BEST surgeon, not necessarily the NICEST one.  The mail carrier who brings my mail IS a nice person, but even if she wasn’t, I’d prefer one who got my mail to me accurately each day but who was rude and unfriendly than one who was sweet and kind but misdelivered 40% of my mail or just plain lost it.  If the mechanic who works on my car or the plumber who fixes my faucet is the nicest guy in town, but my car won’t get out of the driveway and I have water knee deep in my house, I’ll take a grouchy mechanic or plumber.  I’m picking principles over personality.  Sure, I’d love to have the people working for me to all love God, pray a lot, memorize scripture, and sing in the church choir, but I hire people to get a specific job done and if they can’t or won’t do it, I’ll fire them and get someone who can or will.  And even if you think you are voting for a nice person, they may not be that nice after all.  If a candidate you support doesn’t serve according to your principles of what’s right or wrong, then you are supporting policies that will adversely impact your family and perhaps your religious liberty.  I’d love for all the candidates I vote for to be Godly and spiritual, but as my boyhood pastor used to say, “God can hit a straight lick with a crooked stick.”   I don’t vote for those who will just lower my taxes—I want to vote for those who will fight for the issues I care about, even if they don’t do it for the right reason.  I’m really not as partisan as I seem, but I will admit that I’ve asked my family that when I die, please don’t let me vote Democrat!



P.S. If you want to see who I endorsed for election in your state, go to my Huck PAC website. Tens of thousands of voters have looked up our endorsements since Labor Day:

Endorsements 2022 (

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Today, Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life Republicans:

$5,000 Ted Budd for U.S. Senate (NC)

$5,000 Sue Kiley for U.S. House (NJ-6)

$5,000 Colin Schmitt for U.S. House (NY-18)

$5,000 Sandy Smith for U.S. House (NC-1)

$5,000 Anna Paulina Luna for U.S. House (FL-15)

$5,000 Kari Lake for Governor (AZ)

$6,500 Tudor Dixon for Governor (MI)

$25,000 Jim Pillen for Governor (NE)

$5,000 Brian Kemp for Governor (GA)

$5,000 Mark Meuser for U.S. Senate (CA)

$5,000 Steve Scalise for U.S. House (LA-1)9

$5,000 Dan Lux for U.S. House (LA-2)

$5,000 Clay Higgins for U.S. House (LA-3)

$5,000 Garret Graves for U.S. House (LA-5)

$5,000 Tom Weiler for U.S. House (MN-3)

$5,000 Tom Emmer for U.S. House (MN-6)

$5,000 Michelle Fischbach for U.S. House (MN-7)

$5,000 Pete Stauber for U.S. House (MN-8)                                                                                                               

$5,000 Lee Murphy for U.S. House (DE-AtL)

$5,000 Tracey Mann for U.S. House (KS-1)

$5,000 Jake LaTurner for U.S. House (KS-2)

$5,000 Ron Estes for U.S. House (KS-4)

$5,000 Kelly Cooper for U.S. House (AZ-4)

$5,000 Lee Zeldin for Governor (NY)

This year Huck PAC has directly contributed $3,332,924 to over 500 candidates and causes.

To view our endorsements in your state, go here. Thank you as always for your continued interest in Huck PAC.

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Today, Huck PAC is pleased to announce the support of these pro-life Republicans:

$5,000 Diana Harshbarger for U.S. House (TN-1)

$5,000 Tim Burchett for U.S. House (TN-2)

$5,000 Chuck Fleischmann for U.S. House (TN-3)

$5,000 Scott DesJarlais for U.S. House (TN-4)

$5,000 Andy Ogles for U.S. House (TN-5)

$5,000 John Rose for U.S. House (TN-6)

$5,000 Mark Green for U.S. House (TN-7)

$5,000 Mark Alford for U.S. House (MO-5

$5,000 Jacob Turk for U.S. House (MO-6)

$5,000 Eric Burlison for U.S. House (MO-7)

$5,000 Tiffany Smiley for U.S. Senate (WA)

$5,000 Joe Kent for U.S. House (WA-3)

$5,000 Elizabeth Kreiselmaier for U.S. House (WA-6)

$5,000 Matt Larkin for U.S. House (WA-8)

$5,000 Doug Basler for U.S. House (WA-9)

$5,000 Joanna Harbour for U.S. House (OR-3)

$5,000 Alek Skarlatos for U.S. House (OR-4)

This year Huck PAC has directly contributed $3,181,424 to over 450 candidates and causes.

To view our endorsements in your state, go here. Thank you as always for your continued interest in Huck PAC.

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