During President Biden’s disturbing and rambling press conference last Wednesday, he claimed that Republicans couldn’t even tell people what they stand for. Which is weird, considering I put out a daily newsletter that makes that pretty clear.

In fact, he could just look back to the policies that prevailed in 2019 – securing our borders, pro-economic growth, cutting onerous government regulations, encouraging energy independence, guarding freedom of speech and religion and other Constitutional rights, defending the sanctity of life, enforcing laws, projecting strength to the world instead of weakness, supporting the military, and making foreign policy decisions and trade deals that are in the best interests of Americans – and just say, “We stand for all that. You know, all the stuff you immediately started reversing on your first day in office.”

That seems clear enough, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also told Biden what the Party stands for, and more importantly, what it and the American people won’t stand for, and that’s trying to force a Bernie Sanders-style socialist agenda down the nation’s throat with a tie Senate and a tiny House majority.

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