2016 Endorsed Candidates

From Gov. Mike Huckabee:

“I am very excited to endorse Mark Harris for Congress because he’s a true conservative who will join us in fighting against the status quo in Washington, DC. Americans are looking for leaders who they can trust to place their oath of office above partisan politics by fighting for the Constitution and standing up for what they believe in. Mark is the right choice for conservatives and Republicans in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.”

“In his role as a Pastor, Mark is the only candidate that has the lifelong experience of guiding people from all walks of life through every problem you could imagine.  He is a 100% Pro-Life and supports Traditional Marriage. For these reasons and many more I am proud to support Mark.”

5 Reasons Why We Like Mark:  His experience helping people as a Pastor, not a career politician, 100% Pro-Life, strong support for traditional marriage, strong defender of the Constitution.

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Visit Mark's website to learn more about his campaignhttp://www.markharrisforcongress.com/

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  • Debra A. Wooten

    04/22/2016 02:49 PM

    I had wondered what happened to Mark Harris. Thanks for sharing. I live in NC for now and will support him. (we raised our family in TX)