2017-8 Endorsed Candidates

When I heard that Mark Johnson had offered himself as a candidate for the State Senate, District 15, I had 3 reactions:

1. Mark and his lovely and gifted wife Catherine have spent their adult lives living out their principles of public service and assisting in numerous campaigns for conservative, pro-life, and Constitution-focused candidates so it’s about time Mark get on the ballot and run! 

2. His wisdom, maturity, experience, and temperament are ideal for the Senate and the people of District 15 will be well served if they entrust Mark to be their Senator.

3. I immediately went online and contributed personally to his campaign, and pledged the full support of HuckPAC to assist Mark Johnson.

I’ve known Mark for almost 30 years dating back to my earliest involvement with Arkansas politics. He worked on my transition team when I was thrust into the Governor’s office and served admirably, faithfully, and competently as we stepped in during a time of crisis and upheaval.

Mark doesn’t take cheap shots or play games. He’s a serious thinker who has depth and compassion for people. He is work-horse, not a show-horse. I truly wished Mark had served in the Senate during my tenure as Governor. He would have been an effective and highly respected legislator. He will be one now with your help.

Mark’s opponent has served in the legislature a number of years ago and I had the opportunity to observe him in that role. I wish I could say he was an effective legislator who was able to shepherd major legislation through the process and one who brought a thoughtful voice to the debate. Instead, his tenure in the legislature was marginalized by focusing on stunts and obstruction than accomplishing things for Arkansas. It wasn’t merely an inability to forge relationships with the then overwhelming majority Democrat party; he was ineffective in steering conservative legislation even among his own GOP Party. While we were making it easy to get car tags, rebuilding our roads, launching ARKids First, having breakthrough education reforms to empower home-schoolers and hold our public schools accountable, cutting 97 taxes that especially benefited working class families, or signing the strongest pro-life and pro-family bills in the history of the state, Mark’s opponent was mostly sidelined and sitting on the bench, content to be what I called a “towel popper” in the locker room rather than an all-out champion on the actual field of play.

Mark doesn’t see the legislature as an endless party to attend where the lobbyists provide free food, entertainment, and booze. He is committed to the hard work of implementing his conservative convictions to improve Arkansas.

Mark is a Christian conservative who bases his political philosophy on three principles:

1) Preservation of our Christian Faith and Heritage – the cornerstone of Western Civilization that has made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

2) Preservation of our Constitutional republic, with its proper division between states and the national government, and the Bill of Rights to protect the God-given rights of citizens, including the Right to Life of the unborn.

3) Protection of citizens to own and control their private property from abuse by both government, as well as others who would use government to deny those rights.

“I have known Mark for years and seen first-hand his commitment to his principles. He will make a terrific legislator in Little Rock.”

“Finally, and most importantly Mark is a devoted husband to Catherine, and father to Allison and Andrea.”

“I am all in for Mark because of what he stands for AND who he is as a person, and I hope you will be too!”

I hope you’ll join Janet and me and support Mark Johnson with your prayers, vote, and money. He will serve for YOUR benefit!

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