Democratic strategists are reacting with shock to recent polls showing that a rising number of Hispanics are turning their backs on the party and leaning Republican. This completely shatters their long-held belief that demography is destiny and all they have to do is wait for the US to become a majority-minority nation and they’ll be cemented into power forever. That’s because they believe that if you are black or Hispanic, your vote belongs to them for some reason. It’s why the only arrow left in their quiver is to claim that no matter how much better minorities had it under Trump, “you can’t vote for Republicans because they’re RAAAACISTS!”

Well, it turns out minorities aren’t so dumb as Democrat leaders seem to think they are. They’re starting to see through that scam. And while the Dems are shocked, it’s no surprise to me. I’ve been pointing out for years that as the national Democratic Party moved further and further left, becoming ever more hostile to basic American values like religious freedom, free speech, hard work, capitalism, strong families and respect for life, they were also moving away from blacks and Hispanics who value those things. In fact, those groups are now more likely than whites to be faithful Christians and churchgoers.

Byron York reports on a new Wall Street Journal poll that shows Hispanics are abandoning the Democrats in droves as they’re repelled by its “progressive,” anti-American radicalism.

Many Hispanics hail from nations that were plagued by communism and socialism, and they came here because they longed for the American Dream that “progressives” sneer at. The WSJ poll found that a majority of Hispanics said they’d rather be citizens of the USA than any other nation on Earth, and they’re proud of how American democracy works by a 35% margin. They are 80% working class and don’t support reparations or defunding the police. And while they voted for Biden by more than 25% in 2020, if that election were rerun today, it would be a virtual tie.

A Dallas Morning News poll also punctured the Dems’ dreams of taking Texas, showing that Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic Texans is a dismal 35%, with his disapproval at 54%. They especially disapprove of his handling of the border, which, ironically, I believe was really intended to boost the Hispanic vote for Democrats.

I also know from previous polls and personal acquaintances that Hispanics care about jobs and the economy, and having followed the rules to become US citizens, many strongly oppose open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants who undercut their wages. Many are also devout Catholics, which (news flash to the White House) means they don’t support unfettered abortion. I know many black Americans also harbor similar belief systems.

Republicans have the policies that really work for all Americans. Having now proven that in back-to-back-to-back laboratory tests over the last three Administrations, they just need to become more effective at making their case to minority voters, and pointing out the absurdity of a party thinking it has ownership rights to the votes of blacks and Hispanics because they’re the only ones who aren’t racists.