2017-8 Endorsed Candidates

Dear Fellow Conservative:

My long time friend Luke Heffley is running for State Senate and I’m thrilled to join those who support him.  I first met Luke during my very first run for public office in 1992.  He was a loyal and tireless volunteer for me in the Arkansas River Valley and from those early days we have been friends.  I watched Luke work his way through college as a brick mason.  He knows hard work!  Like me, Luke comes from a working class family where nothing was easy.  I’ve been blessed to see Luke’s girlfriend become his wife and shared the joy of the birth of their 3 daughters, Lincoln, Reagan, and McKinley.  (If that’s not Republican dedication, I don’t know what would be!)

When I became Governor, Luke joined my staff and was a trusted and valued team member.  He would have stayed throughout the entire tenure, but communting from Dover to Little Rock every day was tough, especially with a young family, so he took a position at Arkansas Tech so he could be closer to home and kids.  I’ve keep in touch with him and been so proud of his accomplishments, but mostly proud of his integrity and and work ethic.

Because of his time in politics and policy making while at the Governor’s Office, Luke would bring terrific skills to the Arkansas Senate to the people of the Arkansas River Valley.  He won’t be outworked and you will never have to worry about his sticking to his convictions.  

I’m so glad to see him taking the plunge to run for office and will do all I can to help him.  I hope you will join me in doing the same.  Janet and I have personally contribtuted to his campaign and ask you to join us in helping him help YOU in the Arkansas Senate.  Thanks for helping elect a gifted and trustworthy public servant, Luke Heffley!


Mike Huckabee

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