Don Young was my dear friend. We were introduced by Congressman Jay Dickey when I was early in my term as Governor and Don’s passion for sound and responsible infrastructure was similar to mine. We both believed that one of the true legitimate functions of government was to build roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and vital transportation systems. Few who ever served in Congress were as knowledgeable about infrastructure as Don. We also shared a passion for the outdoors and hunting. Don came to Arkansas to duck hunt with me on several occasions. He was an amazing shooter, but I think what he loved most was the time we went on a riverboat tour of the Arkansas River. The old “riverboat captain” version of Don Young (his early life vocation) came alive, and he drove the massive sand retrieval craft along the river and the smile on his face is something I’ll never forget. I loved Don. He was brutally honest, but was a man who loved life, loved Alaska, loved Congress, but never lost being that salty old river boat captain who loved to hunt and fish. What a character! We talked on the phone every few months—rarely about politics. Just a conversation of two old friends who thought politics was important, but friendship and the thrill of being in the woods or on the water made life better!