With polls showing that the Democrats have about as much chance of surviving the next election as General Custer did at Little Big Horn, the Dems are desperate for any argument for reelecting them. So they’ve hit on this stunner: the Republicans are to blame for not solving the problems the Democrats have caused. I kid you not.

Last week at a Senate Democrat press briefing, Sen. Debbie Stabenow said of the current rampaging inflation, “Republicans have done nothing to lower costs, they have proposed nothing to lower costs."

Well, Deb, since they don’t control the Congress and White House, as your party does, there’s not a lot they CAN do. They did vote with Joe Manchin to stop you from printing another couple of trillion dollars to devalue the currency even more, but you didn't even thank them.

The truth is, the Republicans don’t have to offer a detailed 32-point plan for dealing with all the problems currently plaguing America. We know how to solve them: just go back to what we were doing before the Democrats took over and destroyed everything. Drill for oil and gas, hire cops, put criminals in jail, secure the border, stop spending money we don’t have to pay people not to work, etc. etc. etc. To quote the old gag, “It ain’t rocket surgery.” It's just common sense, but Democrats have declared war on that.

This strategy reminds me of a story by the great humorist James Thurber, about his headstrong Aunt Florence. She thought she could do everything on her farm better than anyone else. So when her newfangled cream separator needed fixing, instead of calling a repairman, she ordered the farmhands to stand aside and she’d do it herself. Several hours later, it was hopelessly dismantled with parts strewn all over the barn floor. She finally yelled in frustration, “Why doesn’t somebody take this g****m thing away from me?!”

Well, the Democrats are now Thurber’s Aunt Florence. They insisted they knew how to run everything better than anyone else. They were given a chance to do that, and in their ignorance and arrogance, they dismantled and destroyed systems that had worked for generations before they got their hands on them. Now, they’re trying to blame it on the people who failed to stop them.

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