While being questioned under oath in a lawsuit by Florida’s Attorney General, a top Biden ICE official admitted that the Biden Administration is deporting far fewer illegal immigrants, about 40% as many as Trump did in 2019, and one-seventh as many as Obama did in 2012.

That’s even worse than it sounds, since it compares only the numbers deported without taking into account how many more illegal immigrants were allowed to enter under Biden who were “caught and released” or who evaded capture entirely, and who are not among the deportees.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said the evidence gathered in the lawsuit so far shows that the Biden White House is “intentionally under-enforcing federal immigration law in a way that has never been seen,” and “flagrantly violating the very federal laws they swore to uphold.” She said they’re putting Border Patrol agents “in impossible and untenable positions,” making the border unsafe for agents and migrants alike, allowing in deadly drugs like fentanyl, and “at every phase of the process, Biden is purposely failing to enforce the law and detain and remove inadmissible immigrants.”

Here’s a suggested solution: Send all illegal border crossers directly to Martha’s Vineyard. That compassionate, liberal sanctuary city will make sure they’re all deported in less than 48 hours. The other is to remember this in November when we vote.